Current greetings from Canada! Call me Samir, Sam or Chewie, or the best guy in the whole world 😀 I am and have been infatuated with travel for many years now, not just internationally but also locally in my home province of Ontario. I have a passion for food and nature, which is bringing me more towards tropical climates in the eastern world. Unlike folks from Germany and other European countries,  vacation in Canada is limited, and as such, I strive to take one big vacation a year.

The Journey

I barely watch TV nowadays since most of the stuff is rubbish!  However, when TV used to be good, I  watched documentaries and shows based on travel and food.  My first real ‘aha’ moment was sometime around 2011 when I was mesmerized by Nepal and Mt Everest.  I had no intentions of climbing Mt Everest due to the crazy high cost but I was considering  the journey to base camp, or EBC.  I mean, if I had someone to sponsor me then by all means I would definitely give it a shot!  Come 2014, I pondered and said to myself: this is the year I am finally going!  Not just a beach vacation but a true adventure vacation.  It came to fruition and I made it to Everest Base Camp!

Being on a beach is okay, but how long can you really sit your bum on a beach?  My idea of an adventure-type vacation is to interact with the locals, try the awesome food and take in the amazing sights, with perhaps SOME relaxation on a beach.  Being delayed 5 hours by a train  is not really a problem for me.


Delayed in Delhi to Agra

Delayed in Delhi to Agra

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