India: An Eye Opening Experience!

Day 4 – Delhi – Agra – December 2nd, 2017

This was my last day in Delhi before I went to Agra. But before I left I had only one more stop, India Gate. I got up early and headed to Nizamuddin Railway station since I needed to get a train ticket to Agra. It took a bit of Hinglish but I managed to get a ticket. With that done, breakfast was tea and a samosa. It’s true what they say; railway station tea is pretty yummy! I headed back to the room, grabbed my camera and headed to India Gate. Being a war memorial, it’s pretty surreal to know just how many soldiers gave their lives during WWI. Surrounding the grounds, it’s only fitting that you have fields where people play cricket. With time ticking down for the train, I thought to my-self: I better be there on time, just in case. I was wrong. I got to witness a proper train delay first-hand. 30 minutes turned into 1 hour, which turned into 2 hours which turned into 3 hours and then turned into almost 5 hours!!! Argh just what I get for always trying to be on time. 5 hours at a train station can get quite boring, so I paced back and forth getting my step counter up. I had the sleeper class which cost about ₹130. I was thinking this was going to be an uncomfortable ride but for a 4.5-5-hour journey it wasn’t bad at all. A group of young girls played bhangra music while servers went back and forth serving tea and snacks. Unfortunately, there are no Ubers in Agra so you have to rely on taxis or Ola. I was super tired and hungry and didn’t really care how much it cost and I just wanted to get to the Airbnb. While I was on the train, my host asked me if I wanted dinner when I arrived and I agreed. Boy, I was in for a treat! Dinner was waiting for me as soon as I arrived and it was TASTY!! The hostess was super friendly and waited until I arrived which was around 2230. With a full stomach, a quick shower I hit the sack immediately and passed out.

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