Passport Safety

Your supposed to enjoy your travels, not worry about your passport being stolen or confidential documents read.  Thankfully I have never had an issue however following some simple steps will ensure a peace of mind.

ALWAYS bring a copy of your passport with you!  Bring a color photocopy and a digital copy.  The digital copy can be kept on a USB stick or somewhere accessible over the Internet.

NEVER leave your passport in a shared room.  This is applicable to staying in hostels where you have a shared room.  The person next to you may seem to be the friendliest person however you can be fooled.  Stay safe and keep it with you.

HIDE or block your information at the airport.  I’ve seen people keep their passports open while in lineups blaring their personal information right at you.  It wouldn’t be hard for someone to just snap a picture with their phone and use it for malicious purposes at a later date.  Keep it closed, only provide your passport to the intended recipient at the end of the counter, simple.

KEEP your passport in a safe place.  You may or may not know however newer passports have an embedded RFID tag in them with your information.  You may have seen your passport, the bottom of the page usually page 2, swiped on a computer. It reads the RFID tag.  Not knowing anyone around you and with your passport in visible sight, all it takes is a couple of seconds to walk right past you not knowing someone just stole your passport information.  They use a high powered RFID reader.

TAKE your passport with you!  If you have the slightest bit of hesitation and are not sure if you should leave your passport in the luggage at the hotel, then take it with you.  Keep it in your day pack, purse or in your front pocket.  Remember, pickpocketers exist, especially in heavy dense crowds.

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